Life Goals

  -  C. S. Lewis
Bucket List (in no particular order)

  • Find the love of my life
  • Write and publish a young adult book series
  • Pay off all debt
  • Get a little non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog
  • Develop an effortless and captivating sense of style (both in decorating and clothing)
  • Go back to my country of birth (Scotland)
  • Go backpacking across Europe
  • Visit India
  • Raise healthy and happy kids
  • Finish reading Descent into Hell (I’ve started it... 4 times...)
  • Learn to successfully cook a variety of ethnic foods (including Chinese, Japanese, and Indian)
  • Own my own home
  • Own a house with a fireplace
  • Give away more money in a year than I keep
  • Make a living as a writer
  • Watch every movie that my husband has been patiently waiting to show me (He likes sad movies... I have to be in the “right mood” to watch a sad movie... As of March 2011 he’s been waiting for a year and a half for me to be in the “right mood”...) Currently In America and Pan’s Labyrinth are holding me up.
  • Visit New York City
  • Tour each of the Newport Mansions
  • Reach my goal weight
  • Run 6 miles at once
  • Purchase a beach house

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
 - Winston Churchill